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Users in R-1 Core, R-3 Core or Treasury domains do not need to register. Please follow instructions below to login using your Employee ID and Desktop Password.

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What is my Employee ID?

Your Employee ID is a seven-digit number that can be found on your paycheck stub or direct deposit advice.

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Your Consultant ID is a eight-digit number that starts with the letter "s".

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If you forgot or need to change your password, click here for Login Help.

For users in R-1 Core, R-3 Core or Treasury domains, your password is the Desktop Password that you use inside AIG to log on to your desktop computer.

What if I still need help?

If you don’t know your employee ID and are an active AIG employee, please contact HR Shared Services at 800.265.5054. If you still need help logging in, try re-entering your password (make sure you haven't mis-typed it). If that doesn't work, you can try resetting your password or you can call the IT Help Desk at 1.800.HELP.HLP (800.435.7457).